Style Guide

Neutral Color Palette

Use black backgrounds when possible. To show layering, use Dark Grey 7.


rgb(255, 255, 255, 1)

Light Grey 6

rgb(242, 242, 247, 1)

Light Grey 5

rgb(229, 229, 234, 1)

Light Grey 4

rgb(209, 209, 214, 1)

Light Grey 3

rgb(199, 199, 204, 1)

Light Grey 2

rgb(174, 174, 178, 1)

Light Grey 1

rgb(142, 142, 147, 1)

Dark Grey 1

rgb(142, 142, 147, 1)

Dark Grey 2

rgb(99, 99, 102, 1)

Dark Grey 3

rgb(72, 72, 74, 1)

Dark Grey 4

rgb(58, 58, 60, 1)

Dark Grey 5

rgb(44, 44, 46, 1)

Dark Grey 6

rgb(28, 28, 30, 1)

Dark Grey 7

rgb(18, 18, 19, 1)


rgb(0, 0, 0, 1)

Pink Color Palette

Pink 50


Pink 100


Pink 200


Pink 300


Pink 400


Pink 500


Pink 600


Pink 700


Pink 800


Pink 900


Pink A100


Pink A200


Pink A400


Pink A700


Other Colors



Gradients Color Palette

Gradients are preferred in all designs over the static colors. Use color sparingly as an accent. 

Savannah Sunset Horizontal

Savannah Sunset Vertical

Platinum Grey Horizontal

Platinum Grey Vertical

Royal Sunrise

Helvecita Fonts

Headline 1

Desktop: 80px
Tablet: 60px
Mobile: 35px

Headline 2

Desktop: 55px
Tablet: 40px
Mobile: 25px

Headline 3

Desktop: 55px
Tablet: 40px
Mobile: 25px

Headline 4

Desktop: 35px
Tablet: 30px
Mobile: 20px

Body 1

Desktop: 25px
Tablet: 25px
Mobile: 18px

Body 2

Desktop: 22px
Tablet: 22px
Mobile: 18px

Body 3

Desktop: 18px
Tablet: 18px
Mobile: 18px

Body 4

Desktop: 16px
Tablet: 16px
Mobile: 16px

Body 5

Desktop: 16px
Tablet: 16px
Mobile: 12px

Body 6

Desktop: 14px
Tablet: 14px
Mobile: 12px


Desktop: 12px
Tablet: 12px
Mobile: 12px


Desktop: 16px
Tablet: 16px
Mobile: 16px


Logo Mark

Word Mark


Button Outline

Do's & Don'ts

Gradients On Elements

Gradients should be applied to elements individually, not across elements 


Element 1

Element 2

Element 3


Element 1

Element 1

Element 1

Gradients On Borders & Fills

Gradients should be used to outline shapes, not to create color fills. 



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